Functional and Beautiful Landscaping in Mill Valley

Native Northern California Planting

Sampson's Landscaping was hired to help this Mill Valley resident reduce their water usage and fix their major drainage issues. 

We excavated the old lawns and installed an effective drainage system before planting new lawns.  The drainage system is designed to absorb all surface water and route the water away from the home and yard through underground drain pipes.  We then installed a new irrigation system for the lawn that uses just half the amount of water required a year ago.

Next we laid down a high nutrient turfblend soil. We always use a turfblend soil on our lawn installations, which contains sand to aid in drainage).  For the planting portion of the project, we worked closely with the homeowner and a designer to choose plants and set them into place. A drip irrigation system was then installed with a drip emitter for each individual plant. This method of watering allows for tight control of the volume of water. 

We mulched the entire property with micro bark that helps retain moisture, ensuring low water consumption. A side benefit of this type of mulch is that it keeps weeds from germinating. Finally, we assembled a child's play structure on the lawn area. Sampson's Landscaping now maintains the property on a weekly basis.

What began as a project to help control water turned into a complete yard makeover that accomplished the homeowner's goals of drainage improvement and water conservation, while beautifying the landscape in the process.

“Sampson’s Landscaping, Inc. brought my garden back to life! Sampson’s Landscaping took over my landscaping in October 2009. We have an extensive garden which was beautifully designed but installed improperly. They came in and revamped the hardscape, irrigation and lighting. The whole yard is lush and using less water. Aaron work very closely with me on each phase in the project.”

Nina, Mill Valley, CA