Simple and Functional Children’s Play Yard

Being at the bottom of a neighborhood hillside can mean big trouble when considering water intrusion.  This client has an expansive backyard with a large side yard that was unused. The side yard was covered with grass, costing them water and maintenance time keeping it looking nice. As well, previous owners had seen major drainage problems in this part of the yard.

We were hired to level this side yard and create a flat ground area for a play structure. By excavating the edge of the hill, the yard really opened up. We then built a two-foot high treated wooden retaining wall with a redwood cap. This type of wall is extremely sturdy and blends in well with its surroundings. Since we don't have to level the yard perfectly (as with a stone wall), its also quick to install.

We installed drainage all over the new flat area, and behind the new wall, all connecting together and running out to the curb spout. We're confident that this new drainage scheme will keep the client from having any standing water in the future.

Once the wall was done, we installed drip irrigation lines and controls, and planted above and along the wall, helping to soften the look of the area and bring some color to the drab landscape.  We installed a weed-prevention blanket over the newly exposed dirt and cleared out while the playset was installed. 

Once the play set was completed, we spread out play yard mulch in the play area and planting mulch in the planter beds.  Finally, we set a new concrete pad in the corner and moved the owner's shed to it.

The client now has a fully usable new yard space that will be free of water problems and inviting to kids from the neighborhood for years to come!

We really can’t thank Aaron and his crew enough. The backyard was fantastic to begin with, but we’ve now got a fun, expanded play area for our kids and their friends instead of a useless eyesore.  We’ve also been able to cut our water bill and lawn care fees by choosing an earth-friendly design.